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Greater Baton Rouge Update

There are so many great things happening for Maddie’s in Baton Rouge, but in all honesty, when our Board first voted to expand from the 10 parishes of Acadiana and add on the 9 parishes of Greater Baton Rouge, we all took a deep breath.  

We knew that this would mean an even heavier workload on our already small staff and we knew that we would be tackling a totally different market than Acadiana, but we were excited by the potential to help even more families.  Well, here we are a year and a half into our expansion, and we are happy to see that we are already gaining support in BR.  We have hired a part time Event & Marketing Director, Mandy Cushing, who is from Baton Rouge and is so passionate about growing our mission there.  Mandy has already proven to be a tremendous asset for us in that area, and we are happy to have her on our team.

We have also recently added our first Baton Rouge Board Member, Caryn Roland.  Caryn is the owner of Heirloom Cuisine and has been a strong supporter of Maddie’s since we first moved to the area.

Our Baton Rouge families are beginning to take advantage of our free one on one or couples counseling as well, so Ashley is traveling to Baton Rouge regularly to offer our BR families the same support and guidance that our Acadiana families have become so accustomed to.

Our favorite saying is that “God smiles on Maddie’s”, and our expansion into Greater Baton Rouge is even further evidence of that.  We are constantly reminded that when we keep our families first and always focus on our mission, things usually work out for the best for everyone.

Have a wonderful summer! 


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