Maddie's Footprints

The Bereaved Parent | by Harriet Sarnoff Schiff

For Maddie's Footprints- Acadiana

The Bereaved Parent | by Harriet Sarnoff Schiff

For Maddie's Footprints- Greater Baton Rouge

Can I still submit an application for Anna's Grace?

Anna’s Grace will accept applications through December 31, 2021. Beginning January 1, families should apply through our Maddie’s Footprints application form

What will happen to Anna's Grace Virtual Memorial Garden and blog posts?

The Virtual Memorial Garden and blog posts play important roles in the healing processes of many. They will be available on the Anna’s Grace website (www.annasgrace.org) until Maddie’s Footprints is able to relocate them to our website.

I am a monthly donor to Anna's Grace. What should I do?

Anna’s Grace is thankful for all of their donors helping them to fulfill their mission with a recurring gift and hope you will continue your support for the 1 in 4 through Maddie’s Footprints. Here on our website, click “Donate“, scroll down to the “Donate Online” button for Greater Baton Rouge. When filling our the information, you will be given the opportunity to make it a recurring donation. 

What will happen to the contributions I have made in the past to Anna's Grace?

Your contributions will continue to support families in the Baton Rouge area through the end of 2021. Once Anna’s Grace is able to close their accounts, all remaining funds will be donated to Maddie’s Footprints- Greater Baton Rouge to continue to assist families in Baton Rouge. 

Where will be donation be used?

All donations will stay in the area they originated. All donations made to Acadiana through our website, Facebook fundraisers, or events will stay in Acadiana, and all donations made in Greater Baton Rouge through our website, Facebook fundraisers or events will stay in Greater Baton Rouge. 

When can I start donating to Maddie's Footrpints- Greater Baton Rouge?

We are accepting donation for Greater Baton Rouge starting now! We are excited to bring the same high level of care to our Baton Rouge families that our Acadiana families have received. We are currently running a “Founding Sponsor” campaign to help build the funds that we will need to ensure that there is no gap in assistance for Baton Rouge. Please contact our Executive Director, Edie Couvillon (ecouvillon@maddiesfootprints.org) for more info on how to get involved. 

For further questions, or to be a part of building Maddie's Footprints- Greater Baton Rouge, please contact:

Edie Couvillon, Executive Director-  337-349-4012 • ecouvillon@maddiesfootprints.org