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By now, many people understand that we work with families facing miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss, assisting with their financial needs for burial or medical expenses and offering much needed emotional support.   What you may not know, is that some days are harder than others.  We also help to bury babies who have died as a result of abuse and neglect.  These are the hardest cases for our staff, but one of the most rewarding because we know that that sweet, innocent baby has received the dignified burial that he or she deserves.  

Infant loss is always hard, but infant loss at the hands of someone who has been entrusted with the baby’s safety is especially tragic, which is why we are working on a podcast focusing on the prevalence of abuse deaths of infants in Louisiana.  We will make it clear before the podcast what the topic will be covering, because it might be hard for some to listen to, but it is an important discussion to have.  

If you, or someone you know, works in this field and would like to participate in this discussion, please email Edie at ECouvillon@maddiesfootprints.org. 

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