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Walking the Grief Journey

Walking the grief journey with bereaved parents can be an enormous burden and a profound gift. To witness the brokenness, the recovery, the support, the care, amongst a group of people is difficult to explain. We connect families with like circumstances and supply them with grief mentors. This peer support is fantastic and creates a bond that is indescribable. Through this support a family can learn to navigate life after loss and relate to others who have traveled the same road. It is comforting for our families to know that they are not alone in the grieving process.

Maddie’s Footprints walks hand in hand with our families. We know that grief is a lifelong journey and that you never reach a final destination. Through our support groups, mentorship programs, and private counseling services, Maddie’s Footprints surrounds a family with the necessary tools and resources to assist them on their grief journey. 

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