Tips for Parents

It is vital that you reach out to others during this time of sadness. Respect your need to talk to friends and family.

Let others know that you need help. Take advantage of the opportunity if someone offers assistance. Your friends and family may not know what to do or say, and want to help in any way that they can.

It may be difficult for you to socialize with others who are pregnant during this time. Consider telling them how it makes you feel and that you may not feel comfortable socializing with them for awhile. They care for you and will most likely understand.

During the time of your sorrow, it may be difficult to think of things that you may cherish in the future. Here are some suggestions from other families. They may seem strange to you, but some may satisfy your desire to care for your baby.

Ways to Memorialize Your Baby

Name your baby

View and hold your baby

Take pictures of your baby and with your baby

Cut a lock of your baby’shair

Take handprints and footprints

Take a plaster molding of your baby’s hands and feet
A birth certificate (if possible)

Keep the plastic arm bracelet prepared by the hospital to identify your child

A record of the weight, length and head and chest measurements of your baby

Keep the blanket and hat that was first given to your baby

If you are allowed time to spend with your baby, here are some suggestions of what some parents choose to do during this time:

Hold and rock your baby

Undress your baby and memorize the baby’s entire body

Bathe your baby

Dress your baby in a special outfit

Talk to the baby or sing a lullaby

Have your baby baptized

Videotape a portion of the time spent with your baby

Invite family and friends to see your baby

Show the baby to older siblings

Sit peacefully with your baby and cry