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Extending our Reach

One good thing that has come out of Covid is that we have been able to reach so many people who are grieving the loss of an infant from far away areas, because of our virtual support groups.  We have heard over and over how people wish they could have a Maddie’s Footprints to turn to in their town.  

Well, we can’t be everywhere (yet), but we have begun to offer a podcast that targets different aspects of miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss, that anyone around the world can access free of charge.

Grief is universal, and it is important to us that as many grieving families have support as possible, and this is one way we are trying to meet that goal.  Please consider sharing this podcast in online grief forums, or to friends and family members who may benefit from a kind word and a little acceptance and understanding.

Maddie’s Footprints 

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